"We Make Both Ends Huggable"

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Full Groom
3-4 Hours

Your dog is brushed, trimmed (long, medium or short), hand scissored, nails clipped, ears cleaned, bathed, thoroughly dried.  Extras can include: flea and tic shampoo, flea and tic dip, medicated shampoo, conditioner, , hot oil bath,, whitener shampoo.               

Medicated Hot 
Oil Bath

Your dog is bathed in a rich oatmeal shampoo with aloe. Next we apply a hot oil moisturizing lotion enriched with panthenol  and  lanolin!  This is massaged into the coat for 20 minutes or more! This leaves the coat silky and shiny just like velvet! We finish with a thorough rinsing  and drying!

Short Groom
3-4 Hours 

Your dog's coat is clipped short, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, bathed and dried.  This will reduce shedding by  50%-90% for up to three months.! On thick coated dogs this short clip gives the coat a chance to breath.!

Bath & Go
20-60 Min 

Your dog is bathed  and thoroughly towel  dried  and leaves damp (but not dripping) while owner stays onsite. Nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned. $15.00  to $40.00 up. All sizes

Nice Weather Groom
1-2 Hours

Same as Full and Short Groom except that your dog leaves damp (but not dripping) and owner can stay onsite.

Free Brushing Workshop

Owners can stay and learn the correct way to brush their dog to minimize shedding and eliminate knots.  30 Minutes

Crate Training

Inquire about our Crate Training Workshops