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About Me - Roseanne McGuire


       I was six years old when I told my parents that I wanted to be a kitty and a puppy fixer when I grew up. All through my school years, I focused on becoming a veterinarian. I graduated from high school and I was thrilled to take a summer job as a "lab technician trainee" at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, this is where I would be attending very soon! But sadly, as the weeks passed by, I started to realize that I did not have the emotional strength to handle the stress of seeing pets suffer from injuries, illness and unfortunately sometimes death. After several months of mental anguish, I had to realize that I could not fulfill my life long dream of becoming a veterinarian.

      Reluctantly I took a job in the business office  and enrolled in Pierce Business School at night. Very shortly I had worked my way up to corporate  bookkeeper. Ten years later, newly married, my husband and I bought a beautiful old English sheepdog puppy. He was the love of our life. I am sad to say by his first birthday he was so matted that we took him to a dog groomer after dog groomer  and they said they would have to shave him down! We hated it! I could not find anyone to teach me how to keep him brushed out. So we decided that I would quit my job and go to dog grooming school and learn how to take care of him correctly. That is why today I offer everyone my "Free Brushing Workshop" so they too can enjoy a beautifully brushed out and happy pet!

      I also truly enjoy all the trimming, washing and primping that I do for the dogs, whether it is a 120lb Rottweiler or a 6lb Yorkshire terrier. I especially love our motto, "We make both ends huggable!"

Established in 1975, Canine Cottage has been providing quality service to thousands of satisfied customers.  Your dog leaves our salon looking and feeling great.  Our advanced pet grooming system, combined with 38 years of experience and our genuine concern for your dog makes your pet's grooming experience a pleasant, stress free one.

Come howl with us as we 
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